200 Active Coupons Available & Upto 80% Discount on Flipkart offers


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Flipkart Online Shopping Offers 2018

Flipkart is one of the leading e-commerce channels in India. The way it gives offers and discounts to e-shoppers are Amazing. The Flipkart Offers for 2018 and flipkart deal of the day is the most searched on the web by Indians.

Flipkart Website

Flipkart Offers on Every Day

Flipkart Website

Offer Zone: Flipkart Promo Offers & Discounts are most sought by the online consumers. The online shopping in India is impossible without giving vast discounts and offers. The promotional offers have proven result for the e-commerce industry to bring good luck for their business. They link with other online channels to sell flipkart coupons to boost their online sale. The flipkart offers today comes with vast discounts on mobile phones and clothing. The flipkart promo offers for clothes are mostly availed by men, women and kids fashion online.

  • The flipkart promo offers are the best to enter while making online payments.
  • The flipkart promo offers are available for all product categories in their item lists.
  • You can simply get flipkart coupons on other online sites.
  • The search for flipkart discounts for electronics is most searched over the internet.
  • The discounts they give are from 10% to 80%.

  • It is advisable to read some promo offers forum online and take advantage of the Flipkart Promo Offers & Discounts while shopping online. The flipkart discounts varies with seasons. It is advisable to take advantage of their daily and weekly offers. It is advisable to register and become a member with the flipkart online store. It is advisable to shop smartly on your Smartphone to know the daily discounts and offers on flipkart. They do send you e-mail and SMS alerts, once you start shopping online from flipkart. You will get unbelievable discounts, when you avail their coupons and promo offers with the existing discounts on an item.

    When is the flipkart big billion days 2018 date?

    Flipkart Big Billion Days

    There is vast speculation going on with the e-consumers on the Flipkart big billion days 2018 Offers. It is advisable to login to flipkart and get their online festival sale alerts. They do send SMS alerts on their flipkart big billion days. Some people might not like this offer as they thing the shipment will be delayed due to billions of online purchasing happening on their store. They do it professionally and never miss on the delivery date.

  • The Flipkart big billion-days offers list 2018 has much to offer for the online consumers.
  • You can get unbelievable discounts on all items on their store during this online sales festival.
  • You can see the latest products of all brands with discounts.
  • You can buy electronic products at discounted rates.
  • The big discounted sales are for all products in their list.

  • The popularity of flipkart online shopping is due to better service and people smartly shop by flipkart app download. Their seasonal discounts and flipkart big billion days is what the online shoppers are looking for by this online store. Flipkart has ensured for no technical fault on their website. You can be sure on their trusted payment gateway to make thousands of rupees online payment. It is advisable to shop on your Smartphone by using the flipkart app. You can also shop on your laptop, tablet and desktop in your convenient time. It will be wise to shop online on this day and see the difference about the other similar online stores.

    Flipkart Summer 2018 Offers

    The flipkart online shopping offers on a season have many values to its customers. The summer in India is too hot. Most of the people shop online as they will find crunching sun heat while hopping from shop to shop. Flipkart understand the customer needs and fill their store with the necessary item, which are most used in summer season. Flipkart Summer Sale 2018 has much to offer for their customers and new customers.

  • It is advisable to check flipkart today offers in summer season.
  • Flipkart for girls/boys men and women summer clothing is the best to buy on this e-store.
  • The flipkart upcoming summer offers 2018 is with big discounts on HVAC products.
  • The flipkart summer special offers will include home refrigerators with an unbelievable price.
  • The flipkart online sale in the summer season has many new arrivals of major brands.
  • The online shopping summer offer much online deals by promo offers, coupons along with their discounts.

  • It is advisable to shop coolly this summer on your smart phone by downloading flipkart app. They deliver your orders on time and you need not worry about summer offer rush on this online store. If you are new to online shopping, it will be better to try once on flipkart this summer. You can make a similar comparison with the other online stores and see the difference. The low-budget people can fulfill their dream to buy a fridge, air cooler and fans from the flipkart summer discount sales.

    When is Flipkart Diwali sale 2018 date?

    Flipkart Diwali Sale 2018 is once again going to break its on record sale. Yes, this is true about flipkart consecutive achievement on the festival sales. The online shopping Diwali offer has many deals on various brands and product on their store. It is advisable to shop wisely by checking the Diwali offer on flipkart.

  • It will be better to buy sweets and send to your friends and relatives by buying them at a discounted price.
  • You can send gifts on this special occasion by ordering online and delivering to their address.
  • You can see many discounts on fabrics.
  • They give up to eight percentage discounts to their online consumers.
  • You can buy the latest Smartphone from flipkart at an unbelievable price.
  • It will be smart to check the deal of the day on Diwali to buy surprising products never before on their store.

  • The Diwali means sweets, cloths and lights. The flipkart understand to need of the consumers and keep sufficient quantities on festival occasions. The Diwali orders on flipkart will be much such that it is advisable to buy earlier as the Diwali offer starts online in flipkart. The Diwali date does not vary much with the majority of the people in India. The Diwali offers do last for many days in this top rated online store.

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    Flipkart offers: discount on mobile phones are the best to buy on new arrival models of major smart phone manufacturers. Their best buy cell phone deals on daily attract much online shoppers to buy their desired Smart phone. There are many people expecting phones for sale on their online sales festival. This will include more deals on payment by credit cards. They do get Flipkart discount plus the credit card companies offering discounts while using those credit cards. Flipkart give mobile offers daily. It is advisable to check their website and take the opportunity. They have major brands smart phones n their stores. You can buy the desired color and model online. They do give free shipment.

    It is advisable to log in or register on Flipkart to know more about their daily Flipkart offers. They will give amazing discounts on all products. It will be better to subscribe their channel and know the Flipkart discount on mobile phones. You can download Flipkart app on your Smart phone and tablet and start to order online. You will get timely alerts on mobile phone offers by brands and with unbelievable discounts. Their store sells the original products and you can expect a timely delivery. They pack in such a manner that your phone will reach you in tamper free pack. You can also return them, if you do not like the model within Flipkart product return terms and condition. They serve all major cities in India. Flipkart is expanding their delivery networks too to reach the remote corners of India.

    Flipkart Vs Amazon: Which should you use for Diwali shopping?

    Flipkart Vs Amazon

    Diwali shopping means online Shoppe for the smart customers. No one will wish to go to the real-time market and buy Diwali gifts, Diwali clothing and look for Flipkart offers online. When comes to online Shoppe, there are two major players in India. The international online retailer in India is Amazon. The domestic online retailer is Flipkart. The festival season online sales by these two major e-commerce channels have much importance to give valuable products at much discounted price. They do this by increasing their online sales quantity by giving vast discounts on all products on their list. It is advisable to see the below mentioned points and shop wisely.

  • You can compare the Flipkart offers and amazon offers online for 2018 Diwali.
  • The offers and discounts vary with the major online stores.
  • You can select by brands and compare the price on both the channels.
  • Everyone can expect online festival sales on Flipkart and Amazon.
  • The Flipkart big billion day 2018 may fall in the Diwali festival occasion.
  • The Flipkart has much Diwali ethnic collection of fabric than the Amazon.
  • Diwali gift packs of Indian style are with Flipkart.
  • You can send Diwali gifts from both the online stores.
  • They do sell Diwali sweets online.

  • The online shoppers must do a better comparison of the price and products on Flipkart and Amazon to shop wisely. You must also check for discounts, free home delivery, and return policy on this Diwali festival online sales offer.

    Quick way to place your order online on Flipkart

    Flipkart cart

    Flipkart the most visited online store in India with millions and millions of products provides with two procedures of ordering a product online. One is by visiting the desktop website and ordering the product after carefully comparing it with other products and other is ordering through the mobile application with lightning-fast processing and speed. The mobile application is the fastest in ordering a product, it provides with all the features of payment and types of delivery (as available on the product). The interface in the mobile application is user-friendly and is compatible with every mobile handset be it android, windows or iOS. The app is very compact and efficient that is why it is the fastest way to order a product.

    Ordering through the desktop website is also a good way to order but when it comes to comparison with the mobile application, the mobile application is faster. The mobile application also orders products in flash sale of products which may not be comfortably done through the desktop website as there may be slow service due to heavy load on the server. So, if you want to order a product in hurry or want to order something from the flash sale, it is highly recommended you use the mobile application rather than using desktop website.

    Flipkart Delivery

    Flipkart Delivery

    Flipkart is one of the most trusted online stores for high-quality products. Flipkart provides with any payment and delivery options. The payments options are Debit Card, Credit Card, NetBanking, EMI, etc. every transaction is done through a secure gateway and is 100% atomized. The payment procedure is simple and efficient to use by any person with decent knowledge of online payments.

    There are different delivery options like fast delivery, one-day-guarantee, normal delivery. Normal delivery is when the product is confirmed, packed and sent out as a package in queue as when the order was placed, in fast delivery the product is moved up in queue and marked as important as to confirm, pack, and sent out as soon as possible, Flipkart takes extra charge for this service.

    One-day-guarantee is only available in several locations but by this option, the product reaches the customer within 24 hours of ordering. There are several more options like if the product is shipped to an office address the delivery time is from 10 am to 5 pm and if the product is shipped to a Home address the delivery time is from 9 am to 7 pm. The delivery service of Flipkart is efficient, reliable and secure. The product is never damaged or mishandled by the staff or seller.

    This is why Flipkart has many loyal customers and seller.

    Flipkart App

    Flipkart App

    Flipkart mobile application is the most used online shopping application in India as it is the fastest in ordering a product, it provides with all the features of payment and types of delivery (as available on the product). The interface in the mobile application is user-friendly and is compatible with every mobile handset be it android, windows or iOS. The payment transactions are smoothly done without any problems or delay. The confirmation message and regular notifications are also provided in the mobile application. The mobile application provides with all the products and features as that of on the desktop website. The application works in an efficient manner, not affecting the performance of the handset. The Flipkart Application also provides with special Flipkart discounts on ordering first time form the application and great mobile Flipkart offers.

    The mobile application also orders products in flash sale of products which may not be comfortably done through the desktop website as there may be slow service due to heavy load on the server. So, if you want to order a product in hurry or want to order something from the flash sale, it is highly recommended you use the mobile application rather than using desktop website.

    Flipkart Reviews

    Flipkart Review

    The Flipkart reviews online will enable anyone to know how much they are trusted among the online shoppers. The Flipkart customer service ratings are higher than any other online channels. They are preferred for cash on delivery shopping.

  • The Flipkart Google review is much trusted as they are real-time users.
  • You can check Flipkart phone review and their customer service.
  • He or she can check for the Flipkart India customer reviews online.
  • It is advisable to check for consumer disputes on Flipkart.
  • The consumer forums will help you to know how far they are solving an issue of a customer, who is in dispute with Flipkart.
  • The excellent consumer rating has enabled Flipkart to come on the top 10 online stores in India.

  • The online consumer forums tell true the story of the online shopping experience by the smart customers. The Flipkart glassdoor reviews will help you to find about their services. There are more than 30,000 employees and subsidiaries owned by Flipkart. The working at Flipkart staffs review will also enable you to know about the best human resource practice they give of their employees. He or she can know how an online store is doing their best through online consumer reviews. They will use major online consumer forums to report good and bad experience with the online stores. The worst reviews talks about their poor services. The excellent reviews and rating is the best to select Flipkart as number on in e retailing in India.

    Flipkart History & Success in India

    The founder of Flipkart is Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. They initially started their e-commerce business with an initial of 5-lakhs rupees online in the year 2007. In the present time, their revenue is 20-crores rupees, which is equal to 3-Bilion US dollars. A brief Flipkart history is mentioned in the below to know much about their success in the digital world. Their online retail store website is www.Flipkart.com

    Flipkart website Ranking

    At present, the Flipkart is in between 100-200 list of the top online retailer’s website list as per the Alexa Ranking. They rank in between top 1 to 10 in India. There are many rating agencies, who have reported as the top trusted site by the online consumers.

    Other Verticals of Flipkart

    Flipkart is into online business, and they have improved their business by opening similar verticals.

  • Initially, they sold books online, and that was a great success.
  • In the year 2001, they brought Mime360.com.
  • They did offer music download site.
  • Their online retailing did helped many new brands to sell their products on Flipkart.
  • Now they market their own products, which are useful to the household in India.
  • Digiflip is their electronic brand only available on Flipkart.

  • From online bookseller, music to online retailing of all products comes under the www.Flipkart.com from the past 11 years in the e-commerce industry in India. They have proved this by doing better services to its customers and made them a customer friendly e-store. Their reputation among the online consumers is making them to do more innovative services to the online customers.


    The founder of Flipkart Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansalis an example of start-ups and digital India dream. They were the ex-employees of Amazon and they did the same business in India to meet the Indians online consumer demands. They entered the digital market at the right time, when people of India were becoming the largest consumers of Smartphone in this world. On the same time, the availability of cheap android phones, laptops and desktops have made the Indians to shop online in their convenient time and from anywhere. India is going to top the world in e-commerce industry. This is true as the number of people shopping online is increasing in millions. The overseas online retailers are trying their best to compete with the top 10 Indians online stores. The Indians mostly trust their own e-commerce channels than the overseas one. This is because of their good customer service practices. They are within the territory of India is the trust of people.

    The Indians have the tendency to buy quality products at cheaper price. The online store is the place to bargain for the smart customers through making an online price comparison. The Flipkart is popular for giving vast discounts and offer to its online customers. They do this by gaining more customer volume and give the lowest price on all products in their store. The e-commerce industry is changing the way people shop in India. It is time for virtual shopping, as people are much busy with their works. Flipkart is number one in India, when compared to other online stores.

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